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Hello...!!! Welcome to The Sherpa Socks online, an extension of Sherpa Group in Mountainous Country, Nepal. Our website showcases many of our favorite's socks for men, women, and babies along with tights and leggings - all handpicked from the styles we carry in our store. Our unique selection includes Exclusive Cashmere socks, Fine wool socks and Pure Cotton socks.


Our Mission is to create lifetime customer loyalty through service and price.In the future we promise to keep working hard to improve our styles to keep you up to date with sales and profits.We have just finished our new warehouse so along with our mill we are able to better serve your sock needs quickly.

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Sherpa Group of Industries Vision Statement

Sherpa Group of Industries was founded in Nepal upon a desire to bring the centuries-old timeless cashmere art to the world. There are four concepts that represent the mission, vision and ultimate ambition of the company. These concepts underpin everything we do here at the Sherpa Group of Industries and can be expressed as desire to preserve the genius and unique skills of Nepalese craftsmen, a passion to revive century old traditions of timeless Cashmere art that can continue to thrive only with patronage, an obsession to conserve traditional skills that inflict minimal harm to the environment and a dream to make a difference in the lives and families of the people of Nepal.
It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.


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